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Ch – 8

Transport and Communication

This quiz has the important objective questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 8 Transport and Communication in English This quiz is helpful for the students who are in class 12 and have Geography as a subject in English Medium. Attempt this quiz to Check your knowledge and the status of your preparation. This quiz is also helpful for the preparation of objective Questions for the Class 12 Geography in English Medium.

BoardCBSE Board, UP Board, JAC Board, Bihar Board, HBSE Board, UBSE Board, PSEB Board, RBSE Board
ClassClass 12
Chapter no.Chapter 8
Chapter NameTransport and Communication
CategoryClass 12 Geography Practice Quiz in English
Class 12 Geography Chapter 8 Transport and Communication Quiz (Objective Questions) in English

Transport and Communication Quiz (Objective Questions)

Created on By Anshul Gupta

Class 12 Geography Book 1 C – 8 Transport and Communication (Part-1)

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In what continent are deer used as pets?

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Name the famous petroleum pipeline that connects oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico with the north eastern states of the United States of America.

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What are the major inland waterways of North America?

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When was the construction of the Suez Canal completed?

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Reindeer is the pet of which country?

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From which sea does the Suez Canal join?

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Which of the following country is deer a pet?

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Which one of the following is the width of a standard gauge railway?

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What type of transport does Door to Door service provide?

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Between which of the following terminals is the Transcontinental Stuart Highway?

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What does the Big Inch Pipeline Transport?

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Which transport carries high value light goods?

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Which country has the highest density of railway network?

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Which of the following is the world’s busiest sea route?

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Which of the following are the two terminals of the Orient Express?

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Which transport is suitable for carrying a large amount of heavy material?

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The Grand Trunk Road passes through which one of following oceans?

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Which is the world’s longest rail route?

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When was the first public railway line commissioned?

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Which of the two cities does the Channel Tunnel connect to?

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